Our Mission


We are a skater owned and operated company that loves everything about the sport and lifestyle inside and out.

As a company we believe quality should never be compromised. Our team riders daily test our products to assure we have reached a high level of pride and satisfaction that we feel is acceptable and worthy of wearing the “Santa Fe Skateboards” name.

Our goal is to provide a quality product that enables each rider to continue their ability to grow and reach their fullest potential as an athlete. While never forgetting the founding principles of skateboarding and why we continue to skate daily.

We love to skate and believe that as we give back to the sport and industry that we are helping to create a more solid foundation of skaters to arise within the future of the sport and lifestyle of skateboarding itself.

At any level a rider chooses or continues to skate we realize that each rider is simply an extended part of our skate family and we welcome that extended family to always be a part of ours with open arms.

Welcome to the family and welcome home.
We are Santa Fe Skateboards!